Sunday, September 26, 2010

DHL Story is spreading

Got a Twitter message by Groubal Petitions today and this resulted in writing the DHL story now also in English (in form of a Short Story ;-))

We got to receive a bunch of large posters for the (13.-19.09.2010) a week before the event. Checking with the sender and getting the tracking number, I figured out that the package was delivered Thursday before the event.

However I couldn't find the neigbour that was indicated on tracking issue. So called back the sender, he told me that DHL resent the package. So I told him my personal office address.

A slight misspelling and a missing bell sign with my name (however the letter box has my name on it for about 9 months and DHL has already delivered packages there) led to second resending to sender.

This happened already during the CoWorkingWeek. On 16th I wrote an email on the DHL website (to their customer service account). I didn't use the phone because this service does cost money in Germany (especially expensive from mobile, as in my case).

Didn't hear any feedback (even though a public research on the web of a Customer Service Institute says DHL excellent customer service would deliver feedback within 12 hours in most cases) by DHL. I checked whether they have a Twitter account. Posted to (

In the end I phoned on 22nd of Septermber (the CoWorkingWeek is already over and sender wishes to get money even though the package never has been delivered via Skype (the cheapest way to communicate), learned about a letter that had been put into mail by DHL.

Two more days I got the letter at my office address. My friends told me that they had talked to the postman of DHL who had got a smack on head by his superiors due to not delivering the package (actually he realized his fault, as relevant is the address on the postbox not the bell).

On Saturday, 25th of September, the SURPRISE itself happened:

9 AM a phone call from an unknown number on my mobile
9:04 AM an email stating that everything on DHL side would have been correct and they could not take responsibility.

So what's next? Seems to be that officials are hiding behind the walls and using social media is a farce (because it takes even longer for communication than phone)

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