Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Customer's Dream

Thinking back to the story with DHL which never been really solved I have a dream:

How cool would have that been if:

1. I as the receiver and former customer of DHL would have got a direct email with the tracking info
2. possibility to connect with the delivery driver on any emerging difficulty
3. checking the address in the first place (while still not sent by sender)

... would that have been possible 30 years ago?


Today we have the WorldWideWeb and social media and open data is emerging faster than ever. And we have fierce competition (it is not the one and only provider, which used to the Deutsche Post) and decentralization.

Finding the easy and resources saving solutions for making:

1. the customer happy
2. the profits go up

is what often is called Lean Thinking.

Life could be so much easier if you just would ask your customer for his personal experience with your service and learn with him together :-)

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